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Miralin is

Clean and safe eco-components

High concentration of active substances

Lack of animal testing


Nice texture

Availability of pure essential oils

Let me introduce myself!

Igor Sivovv - Miralin

My name is Igor Sivovv, I am a successful businessman, a loving husband and father of three children.

My amazing wife often performs on television and gives concerts. That is why she closely monitors the condition of her skin and is especially sensitive to the choice of cosmetics to care for it. In such an active schedule of work, family life and games with children, creams, scrubs and masks help her maintain the skin tone.

I noticed that my wife had to spend a lot of time searching for the perfect remedy, but something really worthy could not be found. Inspired to the feat for the sake of my beloved, I decided with a team of professionals to create cosmetics that would combine everything organically.

Mira is the name that my wife and I wanted to give our daughter. Due to certain circumstances we named the baby differently. But the name Mira has lived in my heart for so long that I decided to give it a second life by naming my new product. The second part of the name-Line- is a symbol of the life line.

Miralin quality

Miralin is the cosmetics in which pure European raw materials provide a safe composition. The interaction of ingredients not only reveals unique qualities of each, but also, interacting with each other, increases effectiveness.

To control the environmental friendliness of the product, we invited the best specialist in natural cosmetics from Oldenburg University, Alona Eco @alona_eco.

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